Minutes of VMC should be updated regularly


                MINUTES OF VMC MEETING HELD ON 23.12.2017


A VMC Meeting was conducted on 23-12-2017 at 4:30 pm in the Vidyalaya CMP room under the Chairmanship of Shri   D K Dubey, Executive Director NTPC and Chairman VMC, K.V. NTPC Ramagundam.


      The meeting was started with a warm welcome by The Principal, KV NTPC Ramagundam to the  Chairman VMC  and other members of the Vidyalaya Management Committee. Minutes of the previous meeting were discussed and no points was in pending. After that the fresh Agenda points were discussed as follows:

S No

Agenda Points

Decision/ Remark of Vidyalaya Management Committee


Maintainance of Vidyalaya Building

(I)               Painting/White wash of the buildind inside & outside

(II)            Renovation of Toilets & fixing of Western toilets

White wash/ Painting of class rooms already completed.

Painting/White wash of the building inside & outside for the remaining part  will be done very soon by the Civil department of the NTPC.

Necessary work in the toilets will be completed very soon by NTPC and one unit of western toilet will be fixed in each toilets for boys and girls.


Repair of Multipurpose Hall

A multipurpose hall  was closed in 2005  as it was declared unsafe. Proposal has been put in the Telangana project of the NTPC for repairing/ alternate arrangement. It will be repaired by the NTPC after approval of the concerned authority.


Expansion of the tiled assembly area

Area of the assembly covered with tiles is not sufficient for accommodating all the students during morning assembly.

It was decided that tiled area will be extended by the concerned department of  NTPC as per requirement of the Vidyalaya.


Leveling of the floor in front of the Vidyalaya

Rain water is storing in the front side of the Vidyalaya. It was decided that  Floor will be leveled by NTPC.



Development of Garden in front of the Vidyalaya

Garden will be developed by the NTPC. Necessary plants will be planted. Maintenance will be done by the Vidyalaya.


Development of play ground.

Leveling of the play ground by putting the new sand in the ground was requested by Principal and accepted by the NTPC Authorities.

Basket ball court will be renovated by the NTPC along with fixing of poles and rings.

Water valve tank in the play ground will be covered arranged with proper drainage system. It will be covered properly.


Air Conditions for 02 Computer Labs and 01 language lab

Approved and Air Conditions will be provided by the NTPC ( 2 for each computer lab) and for newly established language lab also.


Requirement of Furniture

Requirement of Furniture for students and Teachers already given to the concerned department of NTPC. Chairman agreed that it is under process and will be provided very soon.


Ramp for the Ist Floor

Chairman suggested that the matter will be examined in terms of requirement and feasibility.


Payment of arrear for seventh pay commission

As 7th pay commission is already implemented in KVS and salary has been paid for the month of August 2017 as per 7th CPC. Exact figure for the payment of arrear from January 2016 to July 2017 is to be intimated and to be reflected in the Annual Budget also.


Allotment of C Type quarter to all the teachers

Matter will be reviewed as per availability of quarters.


Outsourcing of Security, Gardening and cleaning services.

As the the Vidyalaya is inside the campus, Chairman expressed that security services is not required. Hence not allowed outsourcing of security services.


It was told by the Principal to the VMC members that cleaning work of the building is being get done by the daily wages workers. It was requested to approve the outsourcing of cleaning and gardening services  to an agency. All the related circulars were shown to the members of VMC.


Chairman expressed his concern that the matter will be examined and decision will be intimated to the Principal KV.


Any other point with the permission of Chairman

Emergency medical cases were discussed. Chairman suggested that Medical cases to be got referred from NTPC Hospital for settlement of medical claims. An intimation to be given to NTPC Hospital in emergency cases also.

Permission of installing Air Conditioners for the needy and aged staff members was also discussed.

Regular grass cutting surrounding the School building and in the play ground will be done by the concerned department of NTPC.

Regular look after of the Electrical work of the Vidyalaya.




Meeting ended with the Vote of thanks to the Chairman and other members of the Vidyalaya Management Committee.