CMP Initiatives

CMP Initiatives

CMP Initiatives (Class I to V) of the Vidyalaya (Updated as on  the last working day of the month).

SNo  Initiative  Class & Subject 

Learning Objective initially envisaged 

Learning Objective Realized or Not 

Name of the Teacher in-charge along with designation 

1 Community Lunch I-V Caring & Sharing Realized All Primary Class Teachers
Field trips (Post office/ Shoping/Bank) III- Maths Learn how to purchase concept of money/banking/Post office Realized P. Lalitha
Field trip (Garden/Plants) I-Eng Learn different type of plants & Flowers Realized Ch. Ravinder
Field trip (Railway Station) V-EVS, Hindi How to book ticket & how to fill reservation form Realized P. Lalita
Work sheet/ PPT's I-V All subject Practices the concept well in advance for UT preparation Realized All Primary Teachers
Film show All Primary classes Enjoyed joyful learning Realized All Primary Teachers
7 Food safety & quality day All Primary classes Conducted quiz ,developed general knowledge Realized All Primary Teachers
Bal Diwas

Cluster KV's games & Cultural activities like group dance & art competition for all students

Developed competitive sportsmen sprit, Adjusting with different natured children. Realized CMP Incharge with all Primary Teachers
TLM All primary classes with all subjects Enjoy learning by doing to remember forever Realized All Primary Teachers
10  Campaign on sanitation V-EVS Cluster PRT's awareness of sanitation to stop mosquito breeding/ stop diseases Realized P. Lalita
11  Workshop All primary teachers of cluster How to teach by PPT's, maintain CMP room register for orientation program Realized All Primary Teachers
12 Helth Club I-IV Learn personal care of body parts, learn food habits, developed health by Yoga Realized All Primary Teachers

Creativity By Students


Community Lunch


Rangoli Compitition    Drawing & Painting


Folk Dance            Demostration